My Rwandan confessions – Crocs, road rage and Eminem

To celebrate my 3rd month here in Rwanda, I wanted to get a few things off my chest… Inspired by our Kiva Fellows video we created for the new cohort, ‘these are my confessions’!

  1. I wear Crocs to work and think it’s acceptable (it’s like walking on air!)
  2. I escape to Inzora (my favourite rooftop café) when I get tired of being called a mazungu and have granola with yoghurt to cheer myself up. I saw a t-shirt in the market the other day that said ‘My name is not Mazungu’ and I so wanted to buy it!IMG_5778
  3. My legs are completely covered in mosquito bites and big bruises as apparently I am unable to climb off a moto without hurting myself (I’ve been told I include too many photos of my manky feet therefore no picture evidence available this time!)
  4. I suffer from a serious case of road rage whenever I am on the back of a moto, swearing and waving at drivers who dare to cross my wayIMG_7981
  5. I have a guy at the market who calls me ‘London’ and gives me free passion fruit because I always let him walk me round
  6. I have only learnt five words in Kinyarwanda… Mwaramutse, amakuru, niemeza, murakoze, oya / yego – it’s embarrassing
  7. I welled up when I saw the gorillas (sorry, this is just an excuse to add another gorilla picture to the blog!)IMG_7588
  8. I have got used to the fact that a man called Mucyo washes my dirty underwear and a man called Eminem guards my sleep at night
  9. I think beans and rice is nice… and I think I’ll miss it when I go back home!
  10. I have managed to fall in love with this little princess and am already choking up thinking about having to say good bye…IMG_7725



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