My new partner: Kepler University in Kigali

I’m spending the last one and a half months of my fellowship with Kepler –  a nonprofit university program where students get the best of online learning paired with in-person seminars.  All students graduate with a U.S. accredited degree and they’re currently tracking 100% employment rate post graduation.

Kepler is viewed as the top performing university in Rwanda – last year they had 6,000 applicants for 150 spots!



So what is Kiva doing at Kepler?

All students are required to have a laptop prior to commencing their studies and as the majority of Rwandans cannot afford a personal laptop, they need to take out a loan to purchase one. And that’s where Kiva comes in!

Kepler is pretty new to Kiva so I have quite a few big tasks here:

  • industrialise and document best in class processes for Kiva
  • train existing and new staff on Kiva processes
  • raise student awareness on Kiva and what it means to take out a loan
  • prepare Kepler for potential future loan products


What’s Kepler like as an employer?

My office hours are 9-5 now (yes, life is good!); I spend the majority of my afternoons working in the Kepler garden; and I am surrounded by talented and ambitious university students!


Oh yeah, and I now take the moto to work. I must confess, I only look happy in the video – all other times when I’m on a moto I’m a cranky mazungu telling the driver to slow down, to not swerve between cars and to not try to rip me off.


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