My Rwanda Top 5 so far!

It has been two months since I was crying my eyes out next to a puzzled old lady on an Ethiopian air flight, on my way to Kigali! There have been many highs since then and I wanted to share my top 5 so far

5. Dress up time

Meeting borrowers is a lot of fun. One of my highlights was visiting a couple in the country side. I asked if the wife would like to join her husband in the picture… She instantly perked up and rushed to the bedroom. Five minutes later and dressed to impress, she returned! Her husband started clapping with joy and we all laughed so hard

854240_Rwanda_SandraOol_Client Picture5

4. Who needs an iPad anyway?

One of the most fun things about walking around remote Rwandan villages is discovering all the inventive kids games and toys. I’ve seen footballs made out of cloth and tied together with a piece of string, I’ve seen rags used to put together a makeshift doll, which is then tied to the girl’s back just like their mum carried them as a baby. The coolest however is the tire / stick combination – kids steering an old tire with a wooden stick or a bamboo branch, running around the village.


3. Awkward gifts

Borrowers are often so happy you visit them, they want to give you a gift. My favourite so far has been three pairs of leopard print underpants! I mean… aren’t I the luckiest girl ever!

902708_Rwanda_SandraOol_Client Picture2


During one of my countryside borrower visits I heard the sound of singing coming towards me from the other side of the mountain – I quickly took out my camera and was lucky enough to capture these men, working hard and spurring each other on!

1.Impromptu toddler hugs

I have had many instances where I’m walking down the road and a local toddler runs to me and wraps their arms around my knees. My favourite toddler incident however happened at Kimironko market. I was minding my own business, choosing tomatoes when I felt that someone was touching my knee. Freaked out, I looked down, only to find a two year old girl had grabbed the skin on my knee in one had and was stroking it with her other hand!




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